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Aspiring author.

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*I make my own covers & the ideas are my own! Would love support from you guys! 

The Apullz Novels: the Apullz novels consists of three books; Friends or Enemies, Emotions & Breakouts and Bad Princes & Mates!

Summary: Style Tiffany can tell people’s emotions by touch. What happens when a bad boy awakens her emotions for the first time? 

P.S. These days Ive felt as though Ive lost the experience to write, my diction and vocab isnt so good, and I lack experience, never the less, writing is something I do as it makes me happy!

Story of My Life

The scent of books 

Anyone ever just opened a new book and breathed in the scent? Or opened an old musty book and did the same? 

I love the scent of books, I love the feeling of the pages, dry underneath my fingers , as much as I love reading the content.

My favorite book is Side by Side, a silhouette first love novel, by Martha Humphreys. 

Carrie MacLeish wants the perfect summer, which will lead to a perfect senior year when summer ends! How is this going to happen? When Carrie sets her friend up for the summer job at her father’s game arcade, things instantly go awry when Dan Cordova, a handsome foreigner guy snags the prize job of the summer instead!