My Drama List🎬

Love in Trouble//Suspicious Partners

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, he has a new drama!!! Ji Chang Wook’s first romcom drama is here and he plays a merciless prosecutor! Im currently watching it and its so amazing!!! Kdrama fanatics all around the world should definitely check it out!!! With a hilarious but twisted plot, the drama is definitely going to be a hit!!!

My Drama List🎬

The K2

Kim Je Ha & Go Anna

Just finished The K2 starring my fave asian actor Ji Chang Wook & Im Yoon Na moments ago!!! I love the chemistry, the storyline, omo, this drama is the feels💦💦 I definitely would recommend this to every asian drana fanatic out there!!! This show is absolutely amazing, captivating & action filled, with teasing romance scenes that leaves one wanting more, its not a disappointment!!!

Story of My Life

City Life 

Hi guys! I miss my blog life of so much, what are my followers and viewers up to? 

So through the days that went I’ve been bored out of my mind! I still have WiFi issues… I missed watching my drama W, starring Lee Jong Suk which came to the end this week and I am so bummed! I still have eight eps to catch up with! I’ve been writing alot on Wattpad, my link is on my home page for all the bookaholics out there! Check out my site there, my top book is Insomniac, about an artist maniac who can’t sleep! Also, I’ve already applied for two jobs so far since reaching the city, haven’t been hired yet, still praying hard! 

By the way guys , I’ve been offered a contributor position on My Trending Stories because of this same blog! Isn’t that awesome?!  I’ll keep you update once I start posting there, I would love for you guys to check it out! 
So social life…who else is loving Nick and Demi diaries for their Future Now tour?! I love em! Also, my favorite band DNCE is bringing out their first album SWAAY!!! So excited for them, and the award they won at the VMA’s! And my WCE Ashley Tisdale is never doing better with her make up collection Illuminate! Plus, I  love marvel and superhero films and the trailer for Max Steel is so amazing, can’t wait to watch that!  

There’s so much to tell and in so little time, until then XXXX! 

PS.  Summer is coming to an end next week, but not the heat!!! 

My Drama List🎬, Story of My Life

Fave Asian Drama


Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo!

This is my favorite Asian Drama, even though its not my first( which was actually Devil Beside You starring Mike He and Rainie Yang)!

The drama is based on a girl who fell in love with a guy, the problem being she was in a low graded class, while he was in an upper, the highest actually! The first time she saw him, she described the feeling as being hit by a shooting star, as a special feeling had developed inside of her(love) and was growing! I loved the plot of the drama, the cast and the moral behind the story. I loved how the main girl, Kotoko, kept fighting for a love which I as a viewer didn’t think was possible! But fighting and standing for something you love, proves you could get what you want, whatever you want!

I’m sure I’m  not the only Asian Drama lover out there, what’s your favorite Asian Drama?

What is something you fight for?