We’re Out There

We have talent,

But we are poor, yet, 

we are out there.

Who will come this far into foreign waters and land,

Who will visit us,

Who will think outside the box,

That there are young people out there,

Full of talent,

That havent been discovered.

We are out there,

Can anyone see us,

Can anyone one hear us,

She says,  he says 

“I can sing,

I can write,

I can dance, 

I can run,

I can jump,

I can act… ”

Who will hear us?

Who will come?

We are out there… 



I still remember that day
When I fell in love with those broken shards of glass
That day when I felt that anger
That made me punch that bathroom mirror to pieces
I remember the sound of the glass
I remember the sound of those shards
Sliding over one another
That’s when I started dreaming 
Of shards
Broken shards
I’m falling 
And they’re floating beside me
Never landing
I soon come to know 
There’s no place to land 
There’s no place for them
That’s when I realized 
I was the shards 
Just as broken, lifeless, as they were 
I couldn’t feel
And I didn’t fit in anywhere 
There was no place for me
Not until I met James
Not until I met Karma… 

One day soon, I hope to become a bestselling author …