Story of My Life

Guess Who😏

Hiii, Sixteen Letters here! I know I havent been on in a long time and believe me, so much has changed! Well not so much, but so much! 

For starters, I’m finally starting college this year and heading full throttle into the field of science and medicine! Booyah, it would be uncool not to say so!!! 😂

Im also heading back to the city…bah humbug!!!

So, the adventure begins! And for real this time!

Life’s ride hasnt always been easy for me and my family, Ill admit. But what keeps us going, is Jesus. My deliverer, healer, and Father. 

xxxx, S.L. 

Story of My Life

Hello February🇽🇴

Today I watched the KMovie Wolf Boy aka WereWolf Boy. Such a heart wrenching but amazing supernatural love story, starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young! 

I love great romance stories, even the ones that make me tear up or angry, love is love. Some of my favorites are High School Musical


Letters to Juliet 

etc… The list goes on and on.
I am actually dying to watch 

The Space Between Us starring Asa and Britt(Dylan O’Brien bae, speaking of Dylan, everyone is going crazy that Lydia brought Stiles back in the Teen Wolf Finale!!!)
P.S. My mums celebrated her 46th birthday yesterday, and by the way, Hello February! One month down, 11 more to go of 2017!

Story of My Life

Happy H❄lidays

Hi guys! HAPPY H❄LIDAYS! Today I went shopping with my fam and friends! I still cant believe Christmas is Saturday and Sunday!!! 2016 was a rough year, disappointment was my main dilemna in this year, but it has been a well year nonetheless!

Christmas will be here faster than we think, bringing in the new year 2017! Wish you guys lots of merriment, happiness and joy! Xxxx!

P.S. Hoping to go more indept into my account 2017 so you guys will get to know me better! All the best, bye!

A sneak peek of my adventure today:

Story of My Life

City Life 

Hi guys! I miss my blog life of so much, what are my followers and viewers up to? 

So through the days that went I’ve been bored out of my mind! I still have WiFi issues… I missed watching my drama W, starring Lee Jong Suk which came to the end this week and I am so bummed! I still have eight eps to catch up with! I’ve been writing alot on Wattpad, my link is on my home page for all the bookaholics out there! Check out my site there, my top book is Insomniac, about an artist maniac who can’t sleep! Also, I’ve already applied for two jobs so far since reaching the city, haven’t been hired yet, still praying hard! 

By the way guys , I’ve been offered a contributor position on My Trending Stories because of this same blog! Isn’t that awesome?!  I’ll keep you update once I start posting there, I would love for you guys to check it out! 
So social life…who else is loving Nick and Demi diaries for their Future Now tour?! I love em! Also, my favorite band DNCE is bringing out their first album SWAAY!!! So excited for them, and the award they won at the VMA’s! And my WCE Ashley Tisdale is never doing better with her make up collection Illuminate! Plus, I  love marvel and superhero films and the trailer for Max Steel is so amazing, can’t wait to watch that!  

There’s so much to tell and in so little time, until then XXXX! 

PS.  Summer is coming to an end next week, but not the heat!!! 

Story of My Life

End of Summer 2016

As the tides of the ocean rolls in, so did my summer… 

Ugh, finally able to  post on my blog again! 

So I did arrive back to the city safely, Thank You God! And as always, it’s hectic, even more so in the time I’ve been away…  I’ve applied for a job in the few days I’ve been here and I’m awaiting good news, hopefully! It’s extremely hot, the flaws in living in the tropics! But I like sunshine, just not the heat!  I won’t be posting frequently due to Wifi issues, bummer! So for the time being, I’m using data, which gives me a curfew. I hate curfews! Anyway, until then… 



Story of My Life


So the ‘ice finally broke’, and I’m at the time in my life where I must search for a job! This week has been all but two days, and its the busiest two days of my life! My moods have been on and off, there’s been a switch in my emotions hourly, ugh! Its all because I’m moving back to the city! I hate the city life, honestly! Well, no, just this city…

Hectic moves, new places, headaches(well I don’t have headaches, lets just say the moment was about to bring one on), worries, but in the midst of it all…………………………yeah I have no idea what comes next!!! Lets see how the rest of this year goes! Wish me whatever!


(P.S. Bummer summer!)

P.S.S. When life gets rough, go full throttle!!!!