My Drama List🎬

Love in Trouble//Suspicious Partners

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, he has a new drama!!! Ji Chang Wook’s first romcom drama is here and he plays a merciless prosecutor! Im currently watching it and its so amazing!!! Kdrama fanatics all around the world should definitely check it out!!! With a hilarious but twisted plot, the drama is definitely going to be a hit!!!

My Drama List🎬

The K2

Kim Je Ha & Go Anna

Just finished The K2 starring my fave asian actor Ji Chang Wook & Im Yoon Na moments ago!!! I love the chemistry, the storyline, omo, this drama is the feels💦💦 I definitely would recommend this to every asian drana fanatic out there!!! This show is absolutely amazing, captivating & action filled, with teasing romance scenes that leaves one wanting more, its not a disappointment!!!

My Drama List🎬

Black Butler


A girl sells her soul to a demon who protects her with his life!

Favorite Scene


This scene inside the Black Butler movie came as a surprise to me! Trust and pure loyalty  and maybe even hope(for the Black Butler, Sebastian) was emitted through this scene.

If you watched the movie, you knew that Sebastian, a demon, thought that there was none good in the world, yet he hoped secretly that Kiyoharu, the girl in the pic, the main actress, would prove to him that there was good somewhere in their messed up world. And she did prove to him that there was good, she was good. She did this by sacrificing her life for many…

This was my favorite scene because when Sebastian brought her back, it was like a kiss, but it wasnt! Watching that moment…….no comment, but if your a drama lover like me , you know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!

What were your thoughts on this movie?

My Drama List🎬

Black Butler


I loveee this film so much! I know there’s an anime for it, but I never got around to watching it! The movie starring handsome and adorable Hiro Mizushima who stars as the Black Butler made this film an incredible out of this universe awesome movie for me! The first time I watched it with my elder sister , was at night! What a great night, it was filled with cheers, shouting and late night convos that went over the midnight hour!

Who else have seen the film and thought it was pretty cool?!